The Baltimore Adolescent Treatment Guidance and Organization, Inc (BATGO, Inc) association works to build opportunities for foster care youth. Our hope is to provide them with the necessary tools to help them return home or smoothly transition into an independent living opportunity.

Creating Impact in Youth Lives, Transforming Communities

Build healthy relationships

Our programs create a sense of community, which stands as a crucial necessity in the emotional development of children. We also cater to improving family relationships so that our youth may find some stability in their home life if necessary.

Fostering Relationships

Independent Living

Vocational  Skills

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Helping others cope with major life transitions

Transitioning in and out of the foster care system can be a trauma-inducing experience, and progressing into adulthood can also be a stressful ordeal.

By developing a plan and instigating support for these youth, they will be significantly more prepared for adulthood and their transition out of foster care.


BATGO, Inc. is a Child Placement/Treatment Foster Care Agency. We have provided services to youth since 1997. We, Inc. strives to place youths in Treatment Foster Homes best suited to their personal, social, and psychological needs. Our comprehensive program provides highly trained and dedicated staff and Treatment Foster Parents. Our Treatment Foster Parents provide daily supervision and structure to each youth by appropriate role modeling.

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 Case Management

Educational Support

Trauma-informed care

Vocational Skill Development

Improving independent living skills



I’ve been a foster parent for over 18 years and with BATGO for 3 years.  I absolutely enjoy doing this type of work.  I have had the pleasure of working with the wonderful staff at BATGO. Wonderful youth and I’m learning new things from the youth and teaching them as much as I can. It’s just been an absolute pleasure to work with the staff who communicate well, and who appreciate the work that foster parents do on a daily basis and I welcome the opportunity to tell other parents the great joy and benefits of being a foster parent.   ~ Linda Roundtree


We have been foster parents for over 10 years and have fostered many children. We have one young man right now that has been with us for over 6 years. It has been our pleasure to work with this organization. They are there to support us and to support this young man and to push him to do the best that he can do and the best that he can be.  We are grateful for BATGO because they not only look out for the children, they look out for us, foster parents.  We have a very cohesive relationship with our foster son and the organization.  We want to thank you, BATGO, for all you do what you give out, and all you supply for the needs of our home to make our foster son the best that he can be.  ~Mr. & Mrs. Flanagan

Foster parent

I have a sincere love for all children and a soft spot in my heart.  To know that sometimes children are abused and neglected and that I’m able to give them the love that they deserve, led me to be a foster parent.  I’m hoping love will help nurture someone and give them hope. ~Alisa Bell


Foster parent

I’m a foster parent with BATGO and have been here for so many years. I love kids.  I love to inspire them and teach them all kinds of talents and skills. When a youth comes into the program, they are enlightened by some of the things that I do in Baltimore City that can help make them independent.  I get them (Foster youth) ready for independent living and out on their own. ~Maria Waldron


Helping others | cope with major life transitions

Children are placed in foster care for a variety of reasons, often times birth families are unable to provide them with full time care and necessities that they require.

Recognizing the loss these children have encountered allows us to support them in developing new relationships and rekindling existing ones.

Foster Parent

Foster parents play a crucial role in the lives of foster children. They are able to provide children with a safe relationship with an adult that they know will advocate for their wants and needs.

Learn what it takes to be a foster parent

We provide the tools and training to support foster parents in caring for a child with emotional, behavioral, or psychological needs.

Supporting Youths In Baltimore