About Us

The Baltimore Adolescent Treatment and Guidance Organization, Inc. (BATGO, Inc.) is a treatment foster care agency located in the center of Baltimore City.  It was established as an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation by the Church of Saint Katherine of Alexandria in 1997.

Fostering Relationships

Independent Living

Vocational  Skills

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Before its establishment, The Church of Saint Katherine of Alexandria started in 1891 and its primary mission was to provide residential housing for orphaned boys and girls.  The church produced several renowned black Americans, including Thurgood Marshall, Clarence Mitchell, Jr., and Parren J. Mitchell.  To continue their mission, BATGO, Inc. was founded and became a licensed Child Placement Agency (CPA) through the Department of Human Resources (DHR). As a CPA provider, the organization can provide treatment foster care services to children that are sheltered or placed in the care and custody of the Department of Social Services (DSS). The organization is licensed to serve twenty-four children, ages 0-20 years. BATGO, Inc. provides Treatment Foster Homes in which the parents serve as the primary agent of change, and promote self-confidence, direction, and competence in decision-making.  BATGO, Inc. provides access to community-based treatment, individual and family therapy, substance abuse education and intervention, and vocational/educational training are critical elements of our Program.

You can make a difference.

BATGO, Inc. is requesting donations so we can take our youth on activities such as visiting the Zoo, baseball game, bowling, etc. These activities allow the youth to have socialization and learn more about their community and appropriate activities that they can be involved in.  Funds that are received will also go towards the purchase of household items for our youth that will soon be aging out of care and transition to independent living.  As you can imagine, leaving foster care at the age of 21 can be exciting, but also stressful when you don’t have or cannot afford the basic items that you relied on others to purchase.  BATGO, Inc. is also seeking donations to assist in the purchase of an evidence-based therapeutic approach that we can implement in our program that will allow us to better serve the youth in our program.  The evidence-based program will assist staff and foster parents in providing a trauma-informed therapeutic approach when working with the youth on managing their mental health symptoms and behaviors.    


Serving Baltimore Youth Since 1997

Our Mission

         Our mission is to support and empower children and youth to thrive with community connections through the provision of essential care, services, and skills enrichment.

Our Vision

      A build an environment where all foster children and youth will have the opportunity to facilitate reaching their full potential

Our Core Values - CHANGE


  • Create important social connections
  • Sense of belonging
  • Teach values and goals to enjoy a fulfilling life


  • Accept and manage difficult situations
  • Empowered to live a meaningful life
  • Improve relationships


  • Overcome challenges and set backs
  • Embrace goals
  • Prepare
  • Developing inner strength


  • Nurturing supports interpersonal growth
  • Validates emotional needs
  • Achieve goals they did not think possible


  • Understanding value as a person
  • Self-acceptance
  • Find new meaning in life


  • Vital to emotional growth
  • Outweigh personal criticism
  • Increase effort, motivation, self-esteem, and validation

NEWS: May is Foster Parent Appreciation Month. Please Join us May 22 @ 5:30 PM at the Hazel Wood Inn

Let Us Help Today:


  • Improve and build new relationships
  • Improving independent living skills
  • Develop sound work habits and communication skills
  • Fostering effective relationship building skills
  • Opportunities for employment
  • Acquiring the necessary skills training & More