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Do I need to own a home to be a foster parent?

No, you do not have to own your home. You can rent a home or apartment. The place you reside will need to pass a health and fire inspection

Do I need to own a car or have my driver’s license?

No, you are not required to own a vehicle or have your license. You must ensure that the foster youth in your home has legal and safe transportation to and from: medical and dental appointments, school, appropriate social events, scheduled meetings with relatives and friends, and events planned by the agency.

Is a college degree required?
No, but it does require a high school diploma or equivalent, including, but not limited to life experience.
What supports are in place to assist me if I need them?
BATGO, Inc. staff are available 24/7. During regular business hours, you will have access to all staff to provide support. After hours, on weekends and holidays, we have an on-call service to support you with any emergencies regarding the youth in your home.
What background clearances are needed to be a foster parent?
We would need the following clearances for you and all household members and frequent visitors that are 18 years of age and older: Child Protective Services (CPS) as well as MD and Federal background checks.
Can the foster youth share a room with my biological child?
No, foster youth must have their separate room from their biological children. A foster youth can share a room with another foster youth depending on sex, age, and room size.
How can I make a donation?

To make a donation, please go to and click on the Donate button. To make a donation via check, please send your check or money order to: ???


Can I make a donation via check?

Yes, to make a donation via check, please send your check or money order to: Baltimore Adolescents Treatment and Guidance Org, Inc.

Where do the funds raised by BATGO go?

Funds raised for the BATGO will support

  • Program Development
  • Operational Support
  • Youth Activities