BATGO, Inc. aims to prepare youth for the transition to independent adulthood by providing them with the necessary skills, support, and resources.

Empowering Youth FOR ADULTHOOD

BATGO, Inc. aims to prepare youth for the transition to independent adulthood by providing them with the necessary skills, support, and resources. These skills are essential and encompass various areas to ensure that foster youth can lead self-sufficient and successful lives when they age out of the foster care system. The Ready By 21 program is a comprehensive initiative that focuses on improving the readiness and success of young people as they transition into adulthood.


We strive to equip our foster youth for independent adulthood through the Ready By 21 program, which emphasizes essential skills for self-sufficiency. Our case managers focus on:

  1. Financial Literacy: Foster youth are taught budgeting, money management, saving, and understanding financial responsibilities. They receive financial assistance to learn these skills effectively.
  2. Employability Skills: Preparing youth for the workforce is crucial. This includes resume building, job search skills, interview preparation, and understanding workplace expectations.
  3. Education and Career Planning: Youths receive assistance in setting educational and career goals. They help them explore educational opportunities and navigate the college application process, vocational training, or other career paths.
  4. Housing and Household Management: Youth are taught about finding and maintaining housing, including understanding leases, paying bills, and managing household chores.
  5. Health and Well-being: Youth receive education on physical and mental health, accessing healthcare services, and making healthy lifestyle choices.
  6. Basic Life Skills: Youth receive assistance from case managers and foster parents in developing their life skills, including cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other essential daily tasks that are necessary for independent living.
  7. Legal Rights and Responsibilities: Youth are informed about their legal rights and responsibilities as adults, including understanding legal documents and obligations.
  8. Social and Interpersonal Skills: Youth are assisted in building healthy relationships, communication skills, conflict resolution, and emotional regulation, which are important aspects of independent living.
  9. Transportation: Learning to navigate public transportation or obtaining a driver’s license are necessary for independence.
  10. Time Management and Organization: Youth are encouraged to develop time management and organizational skills to handle responsibilities efficiently.

Collaborating with the Department of Human Services (DHS), we ensure foster youth receive comprehensive support to transition confidently into adulthood, enhancing their prospects and independence post-foster care.

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Let Us Help Today:


  • Improve and build new relationships
  • Improving independent living skills
  • Develop sound work habits and communication skills
  • Fostering effective relationship building skills
  • Opportunities for employment
  • Acquiring the necessary skills training & More


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