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Vocational Skill Development  Services in baltimore maryland

BATGO, Inc. vocational services play a crucial role in supporting the holistic development and transition of youth in care. These services are designed to empower each foster youth with the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to prepare them for successful entry into the workforce and adult life. An overview of the key components and benefits of vocational services that BATGO, Inc. provides:




Job Skills Training: BATGO, Inc. focuses on equipping each foster youth with practical skills relevant to the workplace. This may include training in specific trades, technical skills, or soft skills like communication and teamwork.

Resume Building: Youth often face challenges in building a strong resume. We assist them in creating resumes that highlight their strengths, experiences, and acquired skills during their time in foster care.


Career Counseling: Youth may have diverse interests and talents. BATGO, Inc. provides career counseling to help them explore different career paths, identify their strengths, and set realistic goals for their future.

Job Shadowing and Internships: Hands-on experiences such as job shadowing and internships are essential for fostering a deeper understanding of various professions. BATGO, Inc. facilitates these opportunities to help youth make informed career choices.


Educational Support: BATGO, Inc. supports youth in pursuing further education, whether it be vocational training programs, certifications, or college degrees. This assistance can include tutoring, financial aid guidance, and assistance with college applications.

Certification Programs: Foster youth may benefit from specialized certifications that enhance their employability in specific industries. We work with the youth to identify relevant certification programs and provide the necessary support for youth to complete them.


Job Placement Services: BATGO, Inc. works closely with local businesses and organizations to identify job opportunities suitable for our youth. We assist in job placement, matching the youth’s skills and interests with available positions.

Ongoing Support: Once employed, ongoing support is crucial for the success of our youth in the workforce. BATGO, Inc.’s vocational services provide mentorship, counseling, and resources to help them navigate challenges and maintain employment stability.

life skills training

Financial Literacy: BATGO, Inc. provides financial literacy to help each youth manage their finances responsibly, including budgeting, saving, and understanding financial institutions.

Independent Living Skills: Transitioning from foster care to independent living requires a set of essential life skills. Vocational services at BATGO, Inc. address these needs, covering topics such as housing, transportation, and self-care.

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  • Improve and build new relationships
  • Improving independent living skills
  • Develop sound work habits and communication skills
  • Fostering effective relationship building skills
  • Opportunities for employment
  • Acquiring the necessary skills training & More

Vocational Skill Development  Services in baltimore maryland

BATGO, Inc.’s vocational services contribute significantly to the overall well-being and future success of youth in care. By focusing on skill development, career exploration, education, job placement, and life skills, these services empower each youth to overcome challenges and build a foundation for a fulfilling and independent adulthood.


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